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Recovery from Early Blindness
R. L. Gregory and Jean G. Wallace.
A case study of a man effectively blind from birth who regained sight following corneal graft when he was over 50 years of age.


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Border Locking and the Café Wall Illusion
Richard L Gregory, Priscilla Heard
Results of experiments with the Café Wall illusion.
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Visual dissociations of movement, position and stereo depth:
some phenomenal phenomena

Richard L Gregory, Priscilla Heard
(Reproduced by kind permission of the Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology WEB SITE)

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Perceptual illusions and brain models
Richard L Gregory
This paper develops the notion of perceptual hypotheses and also raises questions concerning the distinction to be made between 'analogue' and 'digital' in the context of the brain.
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Knowledge in Perception and Illusion
Richard L Gregory
Visual perceptions are regarded as similar to predictive hypotheses of science, but are psychologically projected into external space and accepted as our most immediate reality. Visual illusions can provide evidence of object knowledge and working rules for vision, but only when the phenomena are explained and classified. A tentative classification is presented, in terms of appearances and kinds of causes.
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Brainy Mind
Richard L Gregory
Perceptions are predictive hypotheses, based on knowledge stored from the past. As perceptions may be 90% memory, how is the present moment distinguished from memory and anticipation?
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Perceptual filling in of artificially induced
scotomas in human vision

V. S. Ramachandran & R. L Gregory
Perceptual 'filling in' is an active visual process that probably involves creating an actual neural representation of the surround rather than merely ignoring the absence of information.
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A technique for minimising the effects of atmospheric
disturbance on photographic telescopes

Richard L Gregory
The development of a telescope camera for getting improved pictures of the moon, the planets and the stars.
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The curious eye of Copilia
R. L. Gregory, H. E. Ross and N. Moray
Copilia, a copepod living in the bay of Naples, has a curious eye - possibly a single channel scanning eye.
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The effect of touch on a visually ambiguous three-dimensional figure
Richard L Gregory
(PDF, 105K)
Hands-On Science
Richard L Gregory, Written for the Vatican Pontifical Academy Of Science Conference (Casino Pio Iv, 19-21 November 2001)
(PDF, 55K)
Mirror cells in talking parrots?
Richard L Gregory, Originally published in Perception
(PDF, 30K)

Adventures of a Maverick
Richard L Gregory, March 7th 2000

(PDF, 55K)

Brainy Mind
Richard L Gregory, BMJ Christmas Piece, 17th November 1998

(PDF, 125K)

A Student's View of Cambridge Philosophy Post-Wittgenstein - 1947-9
Richard L Gregory, 1 March 2004

(PDF, 30K)

Seeing after blindness - The blind leading the sighted
Richard L Gregory, Nature Vol. 430 August 2004

(PDF, 35K)

Images of Mind in Brain
Richard L Gregory, Word and Image, Vol 21 April-June, 2005

(PDF, 620K)
Perception Editorials

Neuro-archeology, 2000, vol 29 (PDF, 85K)
Ambiguity of `ambiguity', 2000, vol 29 (PDF, 95K)
Seeing oneself, 2001, vol 30 (PDF, 45K)
Curious asymmetries. Part 1, 2004, vol 33 (PDF, 75K)
Curious asymmetries. Part 2, 2004, vol 33 (PDF, 160K)
Perception beyond physics?, 2004, vol 33 (PDF, 50K)


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