Help with downloads

Download is permitted for personal study only and is subject to normal copyright restrictions.

Download options

Normal - When you click on the title, you will see the paper as web pages. Longer papers are broken into sections.

Other download types:
These links will download different types of file. Some browsers will save the files to disk, others will try to display them. If the file is displayed, you will usually have the option to save it - look for a save disk icon, or look in the 'File' menu. If in doubt which type to use choose Adobe PDF.

html 170KB Web page format - as 'normal' above, but the papers are not broken into sections. This makes them slow to load for normal viewing, but useful to save for later viewing.

pdf 336KB Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) - Formatted for printing and suitable for PC, MAC or UNIX. These files require a reader, available free from You may already have this software on your computer.

word 184KB Microsoft Word file for the PC - These files can be read by many types of word processing program, not just those on the PC.


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