Gregorian Reflections

This event has happened and this page is an archive only.

A celebration of the life and achievements of
Professor Richard Gregory (1923-2010)

Friday 8th July 2011
at the Royal Institution


Gregorian Reflections Programme for print (pdf)

Time Venue Activity
9.30am Roundel Room Registration
10.00am Theatre Welcome
10.10am Theatre Cambridge Days
Stuart Anstis, Ol Braddick, Alan Cowey, Nick Humphrey, Michael Morgan,
Discussion - Chair: Sue Blackmore
11.15am Georgian Room Coffee
11.45am Theatre Inventions
Craig Mackay, David McAlpine, Steve Salter, Tom Troscianko,
Discussion - Chair: Adam Hart-Davies
12.45pm Georgian Room Lunch
2.00pm Theatre EPS Workshop - Richard’s Experimental Science
Mel Goodale (video), John Harris, Mike Land, V. Ramachandran
Discussion - Chair: Priscilla Heard
3.15pm Theatre (Short break)
3.30pm Theatre Perceptual Theory and Art & Perception
Colin Blakemore, Patrick Hughes, Brian Rogers, Chris Tyler
Discussion - Chair: Brian Rogers
4.30pm Georgian Room Tea and exhibitions
5.00pm Theatre Public engagement in Science
Richard Brown (Exploratorium Science)
Freja Gregory (video) (RI Christmas lectures)
Steve Pizzey & Tim Hunkin (a double act)
Discussion - Chair: Sally Duensing
6.00pm Theatre Finale by Mark Gregory
6.15pm Georgian Room Wine Reception

Exhibitions in the Atrium, Exhibition Corridor and Georgian Room

Gregorian Reflections acknowledges the support of:

Royal Institution, Gatsby Charitable Foundation, Experimental Psychology Society, University of Bristol

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