Recovery from Early Blindness - A Case Study


R L Gregory and J G Wallace

Reproduced from Experimental Psychology Society Monograph No. 2 1963


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Foreword and Preface

1. Introduction

2. The Case of S.B.

(1) First Considerations
(2) Amount of Pre-Operative Vision:

A. The Testimony of S.B.
B. The Testimony of S.B.'s Elder Sister
C. The Medical and School Reports of the Birmingham Royal School for the Blind
D. Expert Opinion on the Immediately Pre-Operative Condition of the Eyes

(3) Assessment of the Evidence for Early Blindness.

3. Observations at the Wolverhampton and Midland Counties Eye Infirmary

(1) Introduction to the Case
(2) First Visual Experiences after Operation
(3) Perceptual Tests

Test 1. Hering Illusion
Test 2. The Zolner Illusion
Test 3. The Poggendorf Illusion
Test 4. Ambiguous Depth Illusions (reversing figures)
Test 5. The Müller - Lyer Illusion
Test 6. Perspective Size Changes
Test 7. Figure and Ground
Test 8. The Ames Distorting Room
Test 9. After-Effects of Movement
Test 10. Rorschach Ink Blots
Test 11. Kodachrome Projections of Scenery
Test 12. The Ishihara Colour Vision Test

(4) The Patient's First Drawings
(5) Discussion on S.B.'s Drawings
(6) Addendum: Later Drawings

4. Observations Made Immediately After Discharge from Hospital

(1) Visit to the Science Museum, South Kensington
(2) Visit to the Zoo, Regent's Park
(3) Visual Skill - A Game of Darts

5. Observations Made Six Months After Operation

6. The End of the Case

7. Relevance to the Theory of Perception

Appendix : Correspondence on the Case

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